The Seriously Hilarious Boss Baby

The recently released  3D computer-animated comedy film The Boss Baby portrays the what-if-a-baby-becomes-a-sophisticated-professional thought quite astonishingly. The movie is hilarious throughout.


A man named Tim Templeton (Tobey Maguire) tells a story through his imaginative point of view as his seven year old self (Miles Bakshi) who lives his days having fun with his parents, Ted (Jimmy Kimmel) and Janice (Lisa Kudrow), and wishes it to be just the three of them forever. However, one day, Tim is surprised when a business suit-wearing infant shows up at his house and Ted and Janice proudly call him Tim’s little brother. Tim is envious of the attention the baby is receiving, not to mention suspicious when the infant acts odd around him, but his parents, being blind to the baby’s eccentric behavior, try to convince him that they will grow to love each other.

Soon, Tim learns that the baby can talk like an adult (Alec Baldwin) and he introduces himself as “The Boss Baby”. Seeing an opportunity to be rid of him, Tim decides to record a conversation between him and other toddlers who are over at Tim’s house for a meeting (under the guise of a playdate by the parents) to do something about how puppies are receiving more love than babies. The Boss Baby and the other infants catch Tim with the recording and after a chase scene throughout the backyard and the house, the tape is terminated after The Boss Baby threatens to tear up Tim’s favorite stuffed animal, Lamb-Lamb. With no evidence to support him, Tim is subsequently grounded by his parents for his actions during the chase between him and the infants.

The Boss Baby comes to Tim and has him to suck on a pacifier that transports them to Baby Corp, a place where infants with adult-like minds work to preserve infant love everywhere, but they are virtual, so therefore can not be seen or heard. The Boss Baby explains to Tim that he was sent on a mission to see why puppies are getting more love than infants and he has infiltrated Tim’s residence because his parents work for Puppy Co., which is unleashing a new puppy soon on the day that employees take their children to work. The Boss Baby also explains that he stays intelligent by drinking a substance called ‘The Secret Baby Formula’, which enables a baby to act like an adult, but if a baby does not drink it after a period of time, he or she becomes a regular baby. He hopes to receive a promotion after dealing with Puppy Co.’s new puppy called the “Forever Puppy.”

They discover that Francis E. Francis (Steve Buscemi) used to be the head of Baby Corp. and is now head of Puppy Co. Francis swore revenge on Baby Corp. after they kicked him out since he started to grow.

Tim and Boss Baby then go to Las Vegas to try and stop him. Francis E. Francis then proceeds to lock Tim’s parents up. Tim and Boss Baby fight with him, and then push him into the formula. He returns to his baby state again. Boss Baby opens the rocket to let the dogs out, so they can save Tim’s parents. After he successfully does that, he returns to baby state while still on the rocket, but Tim sings to him to show his appreciation, causing him to jump off of the rocket before it launches, and with that, the family returns home.

Boss Baby gets promoted, and Tim goes back to being an only child, but Tim and Boss Baby, having grown closer, start to miss each other. Boss Baby, fed up, decides to be part of the Templeton family instead of working at Baby Corp. Boss Baby now dubs himself Theodore when he returns to the family. Tim, now an adult, has an older daughter and an infant daughter, who acts exactly like Theodore did when he was Boss Baby.

The Flying Adventure Continues: Penguins of Madagascar

We saw how the Penguins realized their flight dream last week. The taste of flight once experienced becomes an irresistible adventurous escapade for the Penguins. Especially when they are inside the human-made flying machine — the Airplane.

In the days to come we’ll discover the secrets of the most entertaining and mysterious birds in the global espionage game: Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private which join forces with the chic spy organization, the North Wind, led by Agent Classified (we could tell you his name, but then … you know), voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch to stop the villainous Dr. Octavius Brine, voiced by John Malkovich, from taking over the world.

 For now, sit back and enjoy the ride as Skipper makes his own options.

Ms. Chantel DuBois is Back!

In our last hang-out, I’ve introduced the murderous Monaco-based French Animal Control officer Captain Chantel Dubois. At the outset she looked like a courageous, take-no-prisoner official. But there’s more to her.

DuBois is the head of the Monaco Animal Control. She is very ruthless, determined, devious, and holds a strong hatred for animals. In her first appearance she reveals that she strangled her parrot, flushed down a goldfish, and punched a snake when she was only 7 years old. A unique habit she has is that she puts on red lipstick (with only two strokes) when she discovers something. She also has low regard for the law Tranquilizing several Police Officers and escaping jail just to find Alex.

DuBois has shown she has superhuman strength as she crashed into a big glass windows and brick walls with ease just by running into them. She also has a strong sense of smell seeming to track down animals by smelling the air and licking the ground where animals have already walked on.

“Poor, poor animals. You should have never left the forest. Now you deal with ME!”
Chantel DuBois after spotting the animals

She first appeared near the beginning being called by hotel security about the animals Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria. She comes there in order to catch the animals, mainly Alex, to mount their heads on the wall as trophies. She sniffs for them in the same manner as a dog, and upon picking up their scent, follows them in a long chase scene that ends when the car the animals are in turns into a plane and Chantel DuBois lassoes Melman’s neck, only for the rope to be cut by Alex, and she falls into a rooftop swimming pool. As they fly away, she resurfaces, saying, “Well played, lion. Game on.”

Interesting Facts

  • DuBois is simular to Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmations. Both want animals killed for their skin and other body parts and have henchmen.
  • DuBois’s last name comes from the French words “du bois,” meaning, literally “of-(the) wood” or “wooden.”
  • DuBois is the second DreamWorks villain to fight the protagonist while both are falling to their deaths, the first being General Mandible. Of course, DuBois doesn’t die, not even from falling.
  • DuBois shares similarities with Rumpelstiltskin from Shrek Forever After, since both:
    • Show hatred, and great pleasure in capturing, a certain group of living beings whom the protagonist is part of (Ogres in Rumpelstiltskin’s case and Animals in DuBois’ case).
    • Have survived great falls (Rumpelstiltskin fell off Fifi but was caught by Fiona, DuBois’ skills permit her to do so).
    • Could have been killed by a supporting protagonist, but weren’t (Rumpelstiltskin could have eaten by the ogres, but Shrek’s disappearance distracted them ; Mort could have loaded a poison dart in DuBois’ tranquilizer, but didn’t).
    • Have found themselves in a unwanted predicament (Rumpelstiltskin was encaged by Shrek; DuBois was shipped to Madagascar [strangely enough exactly what happened to the zoo animals in the first film of the Madagascar franchise]).

Kowalski’s Nuclear/New-Killer Reactor to The Rescue

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted is the third installment of the Madagascar series and a sequel to Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa which like the previous two incarnations brings fun-filled-action-comedy-adventure to life by painting a stunningly colorful visual spectacle of circus.

In this post however we’ll get a glimpse of what a determined murderous animal control lady’s other-worldly fighting spirit could do should she vows to capture Alex (the lion) and add him to her collection of animals she’s captured through taxidermy.

Meet Ms. Chantel DuBois


Capitaine Chantel Dubois was a Monaco animal control officer that was known for her relentless tracking of runaway or stray animals.

Dubois took to hunting down animals in Monaco as a career, keeping a perfect case record as she did, as well as a grisly collection of mounted animals and animal heads on her office walls. This hunting of animals led her to the intended high point of her career: to hunt a lion for its head, for which she had reserved both a special plaque and place on her wall.

One lion that Dubois had intended to hunt was Alex, the famed lion from the Central Park Zoo in New York City. Alex, as well as several other former zoo animals that he had been with, managed to escape Dubois’ grip, causing her to track them all throughout five countries, culminating her pursuit in the Central Park Zoo, wherein she and her officers met their downfall as Alex, with the aid of his fellow former zoo animals, as well as several circus animals, struck back. Dubois and her men were impeded for good as a result and stopped from hunting animals.

“When I was seven, I strangled my first parrot, flushed my first goldfish and punched my first snake.” Dubois to her officers on her background

One day, Dubois was called by the owner of a prestigious Monte Carlo hotel and informed that a lion, zebra, hippo and giraffe had broken into the hotel. Spotting the perfect chance to finally track down the ultimate quarry, Dubois set out with her four enforcers, arriving at the hotel entrance only moments after the animals had fled the scene, lead by a lion named Alex. The hotel manager rushed up to meet her, but she instead struck him for throwing her off the animals’ scent trail with his cologne. Setting down on all fours on the ground, Dubois tracked the animals in their path and set out with her four enforcers.

As she drove down the streets of Monte Carlo pursuing the escaping animals, who had taken to escaping in a large armored vehicle, Dubois spotted the giraffe, a male named Melman, whose head was sticking out of the armored car.

Resilient and stubborn DuBois along with her demolition team starts chasing the vehicle having Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe, Gloria the Hippopotamus, the Penguins Skipper, Kowalski, Private, and Rico, the Chimpanzees Mason and Phil, and the Lemurs King Julien, Maurice, and Mort.

As usual penguins take the driver’s role with Skipper orchestrating the tasks of Rico, Private and Kowalski. Seeing Dubois’ irresistible Will, Skipper launches the slippery trap of fish gravy only to be outdone by the fearless Dubois who skates through the slippery road carrying her scooter on her head!

As the chasing intensifies, Dubois gains and comes close to the vehicle toward the driver Marty the Zebra. And for the first time discovers the Lion inside the van which triggers her cherished-dream of taxidermying Lion.

In a dramatic turn of events, Skipper turns on Kowalski’s nuclear aka new-killer reactor. Oh! what a move at what a time!

“Operation Tourist Trap” — Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

We saw how penguins took their maiden flight through incredible teamwork and coordination. The plane, however had to crash-land on Africa’s grassland due to insufficient fuel. The team leader Skipper handled the near-dying moments of crash landing with meticulous strategic thought and charming ease because of which passengers in the plane neither got injured, nor died.

The landing impact wreak havoc the plane destroying everything but the chassis. After, Alex the Lion showed his unrest and the utter helpless situation he and his friends had to overcome in the lost-land of Savannah, penguins team up to rebuild the plane.

In order to obtain the parts needed to rebuild the plane, Skipper charts out a plan of hijacking tourist vehicles from which they can get all the mechanical and electrical parts they are in need. Intellectual Skipper calls it “Operation Tourist Trap”. The operation was a 3 stage action:

Stage-1: Set the decoy by letting Private hit by a safari jeep.

Stage-2: Hijack the vehicle while the tourists gather around Private, unbeknownst he was pretending.

Stage-3: Start the vehicle by short-circuiting the ignition wires and escape.

Unanticipated stage: The grandma had to be forced out of the Jeep by applying the brakes.

Who Said Penguins Can’t Fly?!

Penguins are flightless birds which bring cuteness to the camp of other well-known ratites such as ostrich, emu, rhea, cassowarry and kiwi. You may say that domestic chicken and domestic duck too are flightless and cute in addition to being tasty! Yes, they are. But penguins have capitalized the experience of their aquatic lives of  fishing or escaping from leopard seals or sharks, and thereby have successfully taken the first step in realizing the long-cherished dream of their other aspiring brethren in the troop — flight. The navigation techniques during swimming, the maneuvering skill during chasing and the unparalleled speed and agility with which they spear the water currents on a daily basis have developed the penguins’ neurobiology just enough to observe and imitate a flying flightless animal — man.

Welcome to Air Penguins

Man designed the airplane by observing the flying birds. Now it’s time for flightless birds to become pilots!

Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe, Gloria the Hippopotamus, the Penguins Skipper, Kowalski, Private, and Rico, the Chimpanzees Mason and Phil, and even the Lemurs King Julien, Maurice, and Mort board a repaired airplane to fly back from to Central Park Zoo, New York from Madagascar, the island country in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Southeast Africa.  As you may have guessed, the penguins take the responsibility of flying the Airplane with the following flight deck positions:

Captain and Pilot-in-Charge: Skipper
First Officer (FO): Kowalski
Second Officer (SO): Private
Flight Engineer: Rico

Air Hostess: Bobble-head hulu doll ( whom Skipper marries and leaves on a honeymoon in Monte Carlo with the chimpanzees 🙂 )

Except the hulu doll, the rest of the flight crew seem to be fluid in their roles in that they can step out of their responsibility if they find it helpful to the overall flight experience of the passengers. In other words, there’s an overlap in their task definitions which as we’ll discover is key to the survival should an unforeseen gotcha surprises during the flight.

Speaking of Unforeseen Gotcha…

The flight was smooth and quiet enough to induce sleep to Gloria the Hippo and the other fellows (Lion, Zebra and Giraffe) into a contemplative mood. Before Skipper get soaked into the beauty of hulu doll, the big red neon-bulb on the flight control dashboard lit up indicating a critical alarm as analyzed by the flight officer Kowalski following the order by the captain Skipper. Untethered by analysis, Skipper uses his fish eating skill when confronted with sharp spines of sadins and smashes the alarming red bulb using the flight operations manual. Problemo solved!

Soon after Kowalski intimates Skipper that they maybe running out of fuel. On asking what makes him feel that way, Kowalski tells that they have lost the Engine-1 and the Engine-2 was no longer on fire. The air-tight situation would dishearten any captain, you may speculate. Absolutely not when the plane is being captained by take-no-prisoner Antarctic penguin Skipper. Without loosing his composure Skipper exemplifies his positive thinking by telling the passengers good news first that they were landing immediately, followed by an equally unambiguous bad news of  crash-landing!

“This might get airy!”, Skipper soothes his beloved hulu doll before he implements his emergency flying protocol of saving the fuel by allowing the plane to fall steeply, initiating the flight by gunning the engine before the plane almost hits the ground and if the inertial force of landing the plane is uncontrollable and fly-offs instead of landing, the backup’s backup plane of using the huge rescue parachutes of pilots to safely land the plane. All the while enjoying the flight and not panicking about what might happen!

Oh!, that’s a quite a flying feat by the penguins. Evidently, penguins can indeed fly and fly fearlessly.